Best Of Beaches


Here, on the magnificent Spanish island of Mallorca, enjoy turquoise waters of the warm and pleasant Medittereanean sea, the soft powdery sand and cultural attractions.
I stayed at Alua Hawaii Mallorca & Suites, where i was offered a fantastic beach side holiday and a truly luxurious and memorable holiday.
Take a relaxing boat ride around the islands, and make sure to take a tour of the Tramuntana hills, a spectacular experience.


A beautiful sea-side getaway and an extremely striking island.
From the sun-kissed beaches to the lush, green hills and volcanic influences, tenirife has it all.


Take a visit to the divine shores of Algarve, the gem of Portugal.
I stayed here, at Baia Grande, a lovely hotel that gave me a truly incredible experience and fantastic Portugese cuisine!
Although Algarve is on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, not the mediterranean , it might not be the end of your swimming fun!
The water is actually quite warm and is definitely swimmable in summer.


Not as crowded as Majorca, Menorca is a peaceful, yet beautiful island, that offers so much more than just a holiday! Swim in the pleasant ocean, go trekking in the hills,
or simply chill out on the beach!