India is one of my favourite locations that truly offer an incredible voyage through a colourful mixture of adventure, history, culture, natural beauty and affordable luxury. India is more than a country; it is a hidden chest of unique experiences.
I started in Delhi, the capital city, loaded with elegance, history and modern architecture. From here I took a car journey to Jaipur, a true eye-opener.
Jaipur, the Capital of the state of Rajasthan, offers the best of history, architecture and natural beauty, encircling breath-taking palaces, built on the peaks of luscious hills. A majestic elephant-back ride took me to the Ajmer Fort, a true phenomenon of splendour. From the top, an absolutely magnificent view of lakes, trees, hills and ancient fort ruins. This is the India I believe in, a wonder of the world.
As a personal recommendation, stay at “Umaid Mahal” hotel at Jaipur. This is a heritage hotel, which really makes you feel as though you are a true Royal.
From here take to the road to Jodhpur, and indulge in the best of India’s vast desert. Take a camel ride. This episode of rolling sand dunes, away from everything else, is true bliss. Here you can consider “Manvar Desert Resort” for accommodation.
So already we have done hills, palaces, desert, elephant ride, camel ride and indulged in marvels of nature.